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Current Apparatus

Engine 451

Engine 451
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Engine 451 is a 2014 Pierce Dash 500 gallon water tank. This is the first due apparatus to fire calls within the Village of Savoy. This apparatus carries a variety of basic firefighting tools.

Engine 452

Engine 452
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Engine 452 is a 2000 Pierce Dash pumper with a 61ft skyboom prepiped aerial device. It has a 1250 GPM pump, 600 gallon water tank. This apparatus carries a variety of basic firefighting tools.

Engine 453

Engine 453
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Engine 453 is a 1997 Pierce Dash rescue pumper which is first due for any vehicle rescue. It has a 1250 GPM pump capacity, 750 gallon water tank and prepiped Class B foam tank of 50 gallons. It carries a full complement of preconnected Amkus rescue tools as well as other associated rescue equipment for vehicle and machinery rescues. It is also licensed as a BLS response unit with Provena Regional EMS and can begin EMS treatment prior to an ambulance arriving on scene.

Engine 454

Engine 454
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Engine 454 is a 2004 Pierce Dash which is first due for a variety of incidents including medicals and mutual aid requests. It is configured to operate in a rural setting and has a 1250GPM pump as well as a 1000 gallon water tank. It also carries 40 gallons of prepiped Class A foam and 40 gallons of prepiped Class B foam. Engine 454 is also second due for rescue calls and carries additional Amkus rescue tools and stabilization equipment.

Ladder 461

Ladder 461
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Ladder 461 is a 2007 Pierce Dash which is second due within the Village for fires and alarm activations. It is also requested often to respond within the county for mutual aid calls. It has a 100ft tower ladder which is capable of providing elevated master streams or being used to complete complex rescues. The truck carries a variety of ventilation and rescue equipment to support firefighting operations.

Utility 481 and Air 491

Utility 481
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Utility 481 is a 2008 Ford F-350 dual wheel pickup. This is used for a variety of tasks around the fire department including moving trailers and equipment and other hauling related tasks. It is capable of pulling a fire safety house for public education or Air Trailer 491 for emergency responses. Air 491 is a MABAS Division 28 asset and carries a full cascade system as well as a large number of spare Scott 4500psi breathing air bottles to supply firefighters on complex or extended incidents.

Retired Apparatus

Old Panoramic

Apparatus Panoramic Copyright LaPayne Photography. Reproduced with permission.

Chemical Engine

Chemical Extinguisher

Apparatus Type: Wheeled Chemical Fire Extinguisher
Manufacturer: American-LaFrance-Foamite Corporation
Price: Donated by Savoy Grain Elevator
Comments: Previously to extinguish a roof fire. This extinguisher is still owned by Savoy Fire

First Savoy Engine

First Fire Engine

Delivered: April 1957
Manufacturer: W.S. Darley & Co.
Chassis: Ford F700
Engine: 168HP Ford 272 cu. in.
Pump: Champion KFF 500GPM Front Mount
Booster Tank: 600 Gallons
Weight: 21,000lbs
Price: $6774
Comments: 600 Gallon tank replaced with 800 Gallon tank in 1971

Truck No. 1

Truck No 1

Delivered: October 1956
Manufacturer: Surplus Air Force Crash Truck
Price: Donated by Savoy School Board
Retired: 1961 to Unit 4 Schools
Comments: Unit 4 donated the truck to the newly created Bondville Fire Dept

Truck No. 2

Truck No 2 (Retired)

Delivered: December 1958
Manufacturer: Built by Fire Department Members
Chassis: Used Ford Truck chassis purchased from members
Tank: Standard Oil Company 800 Gallon Tank
Comments: Tanker can be seen on far right of the picture
Retired: 1972 to Savoy Public Works and used as a dump truck

Engine 81

Engine 81 (Retired)

Delivered: April 1961
Manufacturer: W.S. Darley & Co.
Chassis: Ford F600
Engine: 166HP Ford 293 cu. in.
Pump: Champion KDF 500GPM Front Mount
Booster Tank: 500 Gallons
Weight: 19,500lbs.
Price: $10,298
Retired: April 1993 to New Haven Fire Department
Reacquired by SFD in 2006 and is a parade truck to this day

Engine 82

Engine 82 (Retired)

Delivered: October 1973
Manufacturer: W.S. Darley & Co.
Chassis: 1972 Ford L900
Engine: 235HP Ford 477 cu. in.
Pump: Champion RF 750GPM Two-Stage
Booster Tank: 750 Gallons
Weight: 25,500lbs.
Price: $34,830
Retired: November 1997 to Willard Airport Crash Rescue

Squad 88

Squad 88 (Retired)

Delivered: December 1976
Manufacturer: Ford
Model: 1977 E250 Econoline Van
Price: $6,267
Comments: Squad 88 was originally Yellow
Painted Red by Savoy Public Works in 1997
Retired: September 2001 to Firefighter Jared Rickords

Engine 84

Engine 84 (Retired)

Delivered: June 1983
Manufacturer: W.S. Darley & Co.
Chassis: Ford C8000
Engine: 210HP Caterpillar Diesel 3208
Pump: Champion SEC 1000GPM Two-Stage Midship Mount
Tank: 750 Gallons
Weight: 35,000lbs
Price: $100,000
Retired: Nov 2003 To New Haven Fire Department

Truck 87

Truck 87 (Retired)

Delivered: June 1989
Manufacturer: Grumman
Model: 1988 Grumman Aerialcat
Chassis: Duplex
Engine: 475HP Detroit Diesel 8V-92TA
Pump: Waterous CSY 1500GPM Two-Stage
Booster Tank: 300 Gallons
Aerial: Grumman 102ft. Heavy Duty Steel Ladder with Basket
Weight: 62,000lbs
Price: $383,500
Comments: Truck 87 was one of six Grumman Demo Trucks
Retired: Feb 2007 Sold shortly after to Colfax, IN Fire Department

Engine 451

Engine 451
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Engine 451 is a 1993 Pierce Dash pumper. This was retired from service in September of 2013 and was sold to Tolono FPD. It has a 1250 GPM pump, 1000 gallon tank and prepiped Class B foam tank of 30 gallons. This apparatus also carries a porta-tank and carries basic firefighting tools. It contains seats for 5 firefighters.

Car 410

Car 410
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Car 410 is a command vehicle for larger incidents. It is equipped to respond to medical emergencies at the first responder level. It can also used to provide additional manpower at incidents. Often this is used for investigators, public education, and inspections within the village. Car 410 carries a variety of equipment including various types of radios and command equipment, investigations equipment such as cameras, as well as an extra air pack and space for additional manpower.